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Right quote at the right time can make all the difference in the world. Whatever you’re going through, chances are someone’s been there already. Get motivated by quotes of people that triumphed over their problems.

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Sexify: Sex Game for Couples

Perfect game for couples that want to have a routine-breaking, sexy night. The game takes you and your partner from fully clothed to fully intimate.

Did they? Drinking Games

“Did They?” is a bachelorette game for adults where you answer silly questions about your friends.

Players take turns answering questions about their friends, if they answer incorrectly, they drink.

Bachelorette party games can be boring, but don’t worry “Did They? Bachelorette games” has all the drama and sexy questions your party night needs.

“Did They?” has many categories – Romantic, Dirty, Spicy, Dramatic, Evil and so on.
Grab your girls and spend the night getting to know each other. Did they do it? You are about to find out.

Drinktivity: Drinking Game

Drinktivity is a drinking game for adults you play against your friends. Your group gets split in two teams and you play for all the drinking glory. Teams compete in various challenges and games, just like a real sport. Losers have to drink the penalty shots, and winners get to be crowned the drinking champion.

5 Second Challenge

Who sucks under pressure? Is it YOU? You will find out soon enough.

5 Second Challenge is a game where you have to give 3 answers to very simple questions.


– Name 3 things that can get wet.

– Name 3 hairy things

– Name 3 types of scream

Wet, hairy and screaming? Well, looks like we have ourselves a party.


Would You Rather?

Would You Rather is a fun game where you have to choose between two difficult scenarios. Scenarios are sometimes dark, sometimes disgusting, and sometimes beautiful.

King of Booze 2

King of Booze 2 is a drinking game for adults that will help you lit up any house party or group gathering. Bachelorette party, birthday party, cocktail party, dinner party, camping, glamping – you name it and King of Booze 2 will make it better. It’s the best app you can have on your phone on a Friday and Saturday night!

Key features
• Up to 20 players
• 500+ challenges and choices
• 3 game modes
• 2 layouts
• 2 alcotests
• 47 super cute avatars
• Up to 500 custom challenges
• Gamepad support

King of Booze: Charades!

Cute little game you can play even SOBER! But why would you do that? You will actually find the game harder and harder as you get drunker and your brain starts to sabotage you.

For your NIGHT activities.

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