Who are we?

Daygames is a game development studio from Zagreb, Croatia. It was May 2012 when we first thought we could make a game. There were a lot of puzzled looks and dumbstruck faces while making our first game, but we pushed trough. Since then we have made 11 games: King of Booze, Word Cloud World, Star Doge, Aladdin: Magic Carpet Racing, Floaty Hamster, Drink or Doom, Pet Bots, Never Have I Ever and Truth or Dare.

Teo Braun

Makes sure that all our games look eye stabbingly pretty, intuitive and original.
We think he has some kind of random idea generator tumor in his head.

Kristian Marković

Takes care of marketing, deadlines, finger crushing level design and keeping us on track.
He would also like the ability to grow a mustache.

Boris Mikić

Makes sure our games run buttery smooth, codes at superhuman speeds and is a human calculator.
We’re pretty sure when he was born he said “Compiling Completed!”

What we’re all about?

Evolution. Implementing new ideas. Exploring genres that weren’t explored before hopefully even creating some new ones. Our job is to make your smartphone a more fun, chaotic and beautiful place. Our coding is done by the 8 year veteran of the industry which makes our games run as smoothly as possible while our graphics are created by the truly talented individuals from around the world.

Get in touch

You can hit us up by using Daygames official Facebook page.

If you have business proposals, bugs, cool photos or want to talk about pretty much anything e-mail us at info@day-games.com.