This year we went to the biggest South East European games show held in Zagreb, Croatia. We do this every year. But this year was different. This year we were presenting our game at our own booth.

The three handsome gentleman you see in the picture that are in “im gonna poop” poses with oversized shirts are us. The Daygames team.

We have been working on our game PetBots for a very long time and we would have been working on it a lot longer if it weren’t for the game show. The game show has a date, a dead line, something to work towards, something that keeps you up at night, because you want to add one more feature or one more enhancement.

When the week of the show came, we were done. On time. Much to our disbelief, not only did we publish our game on the Google Play Store, we were also published on the Apple AppStore. Usually Apple takes its sweet time testing your game, and about a week later after submitting it they tell you – “We can’t publish this shit, fix it.” Not in those exact words but something always comes up on the first try. This time it was clear sailing.

The game show lasted five days.

Thousands upon thousands of visitors came. Pretty sure they were here for us, and not for some unknown company like Blizzard. This was great, we pretty much lost our voices and legs every day but it was worth it. No matter what stage your game is in, you always want some feedback, and we got buckets of it. As a result, we made a better game, improving on UI, gameplay and working out some bugs we didn’t even know we had (hopefully non of them were game breaking).

We were stationed in the INDIE-ZONE. We met a lot of interesting people, youtubers, cosplayers and studios that were around us, spreading love, hope and excitement for the future. There was energy everywhere. Contacts were exchanged, friends were made. It was awesome. To name a few studios, there were Moonburnt StudiosSomnium GamesMisfit VillageDaedalus GamesTeam Red PandaIcefix GamesStudio SpektarRed VikingCyber Engine DesignsRotten KnightsSockpuppet Games and many many more.

We also had a chance to meet, greet, make fun of and be made fun of by some of the big studio industry veterans. They like to know whats going on in the indie world. Most failed playing our game with an excuse that mobile games our not for them, but it was all in good spirit and in good fun. The vast majority of them left with a smile on their face whispering some last wise words of wisdom.

All in all, we had a blast, and will be definitely doing this again next year, if not sooner.

Lots and lots of pictures on our Facebook page. There are lots of cool cosplayers that were at our booth so check them out.