Sexify: Sex Game for Couples

Sexify is a game for couples that want to have a routine breaking, sexy night. The game takes you and your partner from fully clothed to fully intimate.

Couples Oriented: Tailored for foreplay to orgasm progression, with options to skip uncomfortable dares and switch game modes instantly.

Progressively Hotter Dares:

      • Foreplay: Fun, suggestive challenges.
      • Hot and Heavy: Intense teasing to spice things up.
      • Hardcore: Heart-pounding action.
      • Extreme Bedletics: For the daring and adventurous.

Sex Dice: Quick, spontaneous fun with a simple dice throw.
Voice Assistance: Hands-free mode to stay engaged without interruption.
Get to Know Your Partner: Opt for “TRUTH” to intimately connect with your partner through comfortable, non-awkward questions.



9 Game Modes
Intimate Dares
1100+ Cards
Create custom cards